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One loss is good for the soul. Too many losses are not good for the coach.
- Knute Rockne

Consulting Services & Business Development

SEO & SEM Services

We focus on providing the best search engine optimization and search engine marketing (ppc) consultation services to our clients. We are committed with being the best marketing consultancy, not the biggest. At any point in time we are working with only a select number of clients so that we may provide the utmost in attention to detail and support.

Our 'ideal client' is one who:

  1. has a demonstrated need for search engine optimization
  2. has a demonstrated need for pay per click (search engine marketing) consulting
  3. is an established company or startup who's founders are leaders in their fields
  4. is looking beyond simple technical implementation, but is also interested in seeking business model improvements
  5. is intrigued by solutions that may have never been crafted before
  6. can work with us to implement recommendations quickly and follow-through with data gathering & analysis

Internal Business Development

Taking ideas that have been researched over a period of time and turning them into projects is the other half of the Labitat business model. We're committed to innovations in the fields of search engine marketing, online marketing, public relations, data mining and search analytics, and we must constantly be experimenting.

By concentrating on addressing problems which may have remained unresolved in the industry, we find that our experimentations not only reveal new and interesting ways of resolving known issues, but often the results of our experiments become new businesses unto themselves.