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Trouble is only opportunity in work clothes.
- Henry J. Kaiser

Internal Business Projects and Experiments

In order to be on the forefront of search, media, market analysis & trend spotting, we must constantly experiment. It's just what we do.

Sometimes our experiments turn into projects and those projects turn into business units, other times they fall flat. The projects listed on this page are either already businesses or are gaining traction internally and will be released into the ether soon.

Current Projects

SEO Tool - Started 10/2008 - SEO Tool will set new standards in the industry for seo professionals with a strong focus on site architecture analysis and auditing. Projected launch: Mid-2009.

Publishing Platform - Launched (11/21/2006) - build a content management system with seo built-in from the ground up. Then enhance the code base and hardware to support 1,000,000 web sites for less than the cost of each domain on an annual basis.

PPC Audit - Launched (7/17/2006) - PPC Audit aims to transform how small to medium-sized businesses experience pay per click consulting and to perform ppc consulting services for a on-time fee. Thus freeing up advertiser dollars to reinvest in their buisinesses rather than in their sem agency's businesses.

Marketing Shift - The popular marketing blog founded by Labitat founder Jason Dowdell and syndicated by Google News. Marketing Shift itself has several projects that are just about to be released including a new publishing platform aimed at commercial blogging.

Sponsr - It's still too early to say much about this project just yet other than it aims to bridge some gaps in the blogging world.