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You're only as good as the people you hire.
- Ray Kroc

About Labitat Inc

Our Mission

Achieve remarkable business results through search engine optimization and business process optimization. We care about ranking our clients to the top of Google and the other major search engines for their most important keywords in order to drive their businesses' success. We have clients that have been ranked number 1 in Google for as long as we have been in business and will stay in that position for years to come. Our philosophy is simple: our success is directly measured by your success.

What Makes Us Unique?

Our results-driven approach to consulting combined with our unique experience allow us to do more for our clients than any other seo consultancy. We have been in the search engine optimization and marketing industry since 1997 (before seo was even being used as an acronym) and have worked with some of the most well known brands in the world from Motorola to YellowBook to the L.A. Times. We never have more than a handful of clients at any given point in time - this allows us to give one on one attention to every client we serve and reduces communication errors. We never tell a client to do something we wouldn't do ourselves, and by following a bootstrapped business model our success is implicitly connected to our client's success.

Who is Labitat?

Jason Dowdell - Founder and CEO - A pioneer in the search engine optimization and marketing industry, Jason's last startup, Global Promoter, was acquired in June of 2004 by Kowabunga (ticker symbol: KOW) and was the first acquisition of an agency focused exclusively on search engine optimization. Jason is also founder of the popular marketing blog MarketingShift which covers the latest technology and trends their impact online advertising and search marketing.

Kevin Miller - Application Architect - Kevin has been involved in web application development for more than a decade. His experience covers a broad range of application development, from e-commerce to e-learning to focused search technologies, with many of his applications currently in use today within the enterprise by such names as Cisco, Sun Microsystems, and Raytheon.

Matt O'Hern - Social Media Marketer & Blogger - Matt's background is in traditional journalism where he worked in print for many years prior to joining Jason and Kevin at Labitat. Matt is now the editor of MarketingShift and manages the social media marketing arm of Labitat.


We're located in Merritt Island, Florida just a 45 minute drive from Orlando International Airport (MCO).

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